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Where are the Women in Sri Lanka’s History?

The portrayal of women in Sri Lankan history as either victims of war/colonization, and ignoring their contribution towards any historical period, results in an assumption that Sri Lankan women did not contribute or weren’t affected in any manner during the course of Sri Lanka’s history. This not only completely devalues the struggles faced by the women and their efforts, but also fails to acknowledge the trauma faced by the women.

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This is Sisterhood Initiative

Sisterhood Initiative marks our fourth anniversary! Over the past four years, our team has expanded, fostering growth and collaboration with numerous collective achievements. In celebration,

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Four Years at SI

I joined Sisterhood Initiative like many of my sisters did — through a post on Instagram.  I’d moved across countries, schools and streams, in an

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Same Values, New Leadership

Being an active participant in the sphere of advocacy, volunteerism and rights-based work since its inception in 2020, Sisterhood Initiative (SI) has seen growth from

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The MMDA: Tug of War between Muslim MPs and Ground Realities

While the MPs believe that their recommendations can mitigate negative impact on the community, the plight of victims who’ve suffered over the years says otherwise. Their stories and voices have been documented over the decades in reports, research, mainstream media and the victims themselves have come forward to tell their stories. 

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Uncomfortable Conversations: Recipe for Peace

In a country where uncomfortable conversations surrounding diversity in ethnicity and faith are taboo, the very basic symbolism of unity and celebrations being denied to Sri Lankans showcases a grey space for reconciliation and peacebuilding.

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